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Our History

Randy and Kathy Aumack moved back to the Rabbit Lake area in 1975 to pursue a career in farming. Cattle were a large part of the operation from the onset and in the process of purchasing bred females for the commercial cow herd, there were a handful of Simmental/Hereford cross females included in the package. The shear power of those first productive cows sold us on the merits of the Simmental breed. We purchased our first registered females in 1981 and became members of the Canadian Simmental Association. Randy took an artificial insemination course in the spring of 1981 and this has been the mainstay of our breeding program since. The Fleckvieh strain of Simmental was the main influence in our early breeding program and continues in our Fullblood program today.

Aumack Simmentals
The use of Red Factor bulls, both A.I. and purchased, developed a herd of Red Factor cows with a deep Fleckvieh influence. A herd of Blacks developed shortly after this, also with the Fleckvieh influence in their background.

In the development of our cow herd, we quickly adopted strong selection criteria. Temperament, fertility, udders, feet & legs are the four most important traits we select for when retaining females. Our goal is to raise bulls for the commercial industry that improve the herds of their new owners, generate more income and have the longevity to accomplish this.

With the purchase of a small herd of Simmentals in 2000, our son Russell, joined our breeding program. Aumack Simmentals is a second generation breeding establishment that has the history and time behind it to have established proven cow families that can raise bulls that work.

Aumack Simmentals

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